How we make a difference

Cleone Capital is a private Australian Company with headquarters in Sydney, driving investment into innovative, early stage life science companies by participating in a maximum capital raise for Research & Development.

Our mission is to,
– Establish leading healthcare investments focused on emerging therapies.
– Support biotech and life science companies in Australia and across the globe.
– Accelerate medical technologies toward market.

Our goal is to,
Ensure that the measurement of economic and social benefits flows to our investments.

Our name
The name Cleone is of Greek and Irish origin and comes from the village of Klenia, which is in Corinth in the Peloponnesian region of Greece. This is also the birthplace of the father of our CEO Angie Cleone. Cleone was a daughter of Asopos, a river god, and it is believed that from her name came the name of the village, Klenia. Cleone means good fortune, fame, and glory.

IP generation
Intellectual property rights shall vest to ensure the public benefits from the research it helps to fund.

Working with global family offices with a social impact mission.

Official Partners

New York, NY